Help make education possible for the youth of Zambia. Many children do not receive or complete their education due to the unaffordable cost of education and the many other sociocultural barriers. School attendance and successful completion of a college diploma in Zambia reduces the incidences of early marriage, prostitution, sex trafficking, alcohol use, teen pregnancies, crime, spread of HIV/AIDS and poverty. How can you help change the destiny of a child and a country?

Option 1: Sponsor a young child

  • Sponsor a child: $30/month provides a child’s basic needs including provisions for school and 1 kg bag of Millie Mill/Nshima (the food staple)

Options 2: Pay for a young child’s education for a year

  • Donate $100/year= Primary School K-grade 7: (Includes school fees, uniforms, school shoes, and school supplies).
  • Donate $200/year= Secondary School grade 8-12: (includes school fees, uniforms, school shoes, and school supplies)

Option 3: Pay for a young adult to go to college or vocational school
Identify a young adult who has met criteria such as: are considered vulnerable, are accepted to a college, have a relationship with Director of Family Support/Education, complete an interview by All God’s Children Zambia-Director of Family Support/Education, and submit yearly grades. (See pictures of students who need sponsoring)

  • Donate $300-$1200 per year to pay for a year of college leading to a college diploma obtained in average of 3 years.

*Consistent with our mission, All God’s Children targets students pursuing diplomas in health care or education.
There is not a High School in the villages we work in. They must walk 2 hours one way to town for school or move in with family. The parents earn less than $2 per day. These obstacles forces many children to drop out of school after 7th grade.

To Sponsor a child for school click here